Life After Prison Ministries
Restoring the Prisoner to God and the Community
Engaging the local Church in the mission.

Our Mission

Life After Prison Ministries is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established to ensure the safe and successful reentry of parolees and probationers into their communities through:

  • Christ-centered Relational Mentoring that mobilizes the support of the business community, social service agencies and other local resources to provide for the needs of the ex-prisoner and his or her family and translates into accountability as the ex-prisoner assumes job and familial responsibilities.
  • Project Management Consulting provided to assist public and private interests in development or improvement of reentry transitional housing, transition services, or state-operated reentry offices by controlling the critical elements of cost, scope, schedule and risk, while providing proper planning, smooth execution, and effective project management and controlOur Proposal.

LAPM is a registered, nonprofit corporation, 501c3. To view and download a copy of the Letter of Determination, please click here.

Placing Christ at the Center of Hope Since 2007

Voice: 501-548-0115

We invite you to support us, travel costs are rising, join us, we need churches and mentors in every county, and pray for us, our strength is in our Lord.  This video is 4.5 minutes.

Men and Women preparing to leave prison; they paid the price for their crime; they spent 18 months being mentored by Chaplains in the ways of Christ - to walk the walk.

Life After Prison Ministries meets with them in prison; lessons are learned; new thinking is being formed; lives are being restored.

Christ has Redeemed them; they are forgiven; the are ready - and yet - they are scared of what might be, afraid of what could be, not wanting to go this alone...ever again!

And Now We Ask You to become a light-house of hope and restoration and make successful the return of each one, male and female, son and daughter, brother and sister, mother and father, coming to your community.

And they never want to go back...

Life After Prison Ministries is here to prepare the church for the Christian reception of the "least of these."

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In Loving Memory 
Keith Jackson 
Board Member 

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