Life After Prison Ministries
Engaging the Government ~ Equipping the Community
Managing a Values-Driven Approach to Crime and Correction

This is Who we are and What we do:

Life After Prison Ministries is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established to ensure the safe and successful reentry of parolees and probationers into their communities through:

  • Christ-centered Relational Mentoring that meets the needs of the ex-prisoner and his or her family. Participation in this voluntary training translates into accountability as the person assumes responsibilities to their family and community. 

  • Mentor & Chaplain Training.  Cognitive Behavioral Mentoring Model: focus on changing criminal and addictive thinking patterns through group discussions that address the most common behaviors that lead to crime and addiction and the repetitive cycle of irresponsible behavior.
  • Project Management Consulting provided to assist public and private interests in development or improvement of reentry transitional housing, transition services, or state-operated reentry offices by controlling the critical elements of cost, scope, schedule and risk, while providing proper planning, smooth execution, and effective project management and controlOur Proposal.

LAPM is a registered, nonprofit corporation, 501c3. To view and download a copy of the Letter of Determination, please click here.

Placing Christ at the Center of Hope Since 2007

Life After Prison Ministries is here to prepare the church for the Christian reception of the "least of these."

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We invite you to support us, costs to meet the needs of these are rising, join us, we need churches and mentors in every county, and pray for us, our strength is in our Lord. 

Our Reentry Framework focuses on developing the following in every town in America or around the World, as needed by governments, communities and individuals in the reentry process:

When we enter a community to develop a reentry program, we implement a model called Community of Care. This simple framework provides a no-nonsense model that works regardless of demographics.

In the process, we establish a Seamless Reentry System that mobilizes the support of the business community, social service and education agencies and other local resources to provide for the needs of the ex-offender and family.   

We train all members of the community to address mentoring through a copyrighted New Directions approach, while meeting the published goals of the Corrections agencies.

Our Mentor Training Program meets the certification requirements set forth by the Bureau of Justice Assistance's model of "Best Practices."

Session Groups led by trained facilitators and One2One conversations with mentors address the most common, research-defined behaviors that are identical between Addictive and Criminal Thinking.

Exposing and Habilitating these patterns break the repetitive cycle of irresponsible behaviors.  Our failure rate, called recidivism, based on more than 1,000 cases over 7 years, is only 12%; failure being defined as an arrest leading to new charges.

Been a Felon? Felt like all was lost? Lost hope?  It is only temporary and not true in the long haul. There is a New Normal. There is Hope.  This video is about our Executive Director's story in song that proves, in Christ all things are new.

Voice: 501-548-0115

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